Copyright Notification

Updated: 21/05/2020 18:33

All images and subsequent material on this website and our social media channels are Copyright ©Tom and Jack Williams, herein known as "JTW Equine Images". Unauthorised usage of any of our material is strictly prohibited. There is no usage of any of our material without payment or written permission sought. 

Any usage that has not been requested and permission granted, or paid for in advance, will be a breach of our and international copyright terms, is illegal, and will not be tolerated. You will also be invoiced for the usage of the material. 

Any invoice sent will be calculated by the usage of the material, and in what manner this has breached our rights. We at JTW Equine Images reserve every right to charge for material that is used without permission. This is including and not limited to such actions as;

  • Copying of material from our Twitter and reposting it on Twitter or other social media pages and websites

  • Copying of material from any of our websites, social media pages, client's pages and social media

  • Reposting of material from any websites or social media pages

  • Removal of watermarks

  • Usage or hotlinking to any material without expressed permission and payment made to JTW Equine Images

This also includes but not limited to the removal of watermarks, usage in publication, on websites, in videos, presentations, on social media and any other associated uses, including printing and usage for clothing or other items.

Essentially and straightforwardly, there is no usage of our material allowed without our permission or payment beforehand. Usage of our material unless paid for or permission granted is theft, a breach of copyright, and you are liable for an invoice.

Claims of it is but not limited to and akin to "good publicity for you/us", "promoting your pics" or "doing you a favour" again will not be accepted or tolerated, and you will be invoiced for the unauthorised usage of our material. When viewing any of our material, in whatever format, please be respectful to the terms, conditions and copyrights that the material contains.

Thank you,

Tom and Jack Williams.

"JTW Equine Images"